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DC Port Charger For Lithium Battery 

Compliance with AU Standard (RCM Marked)


48V Charger (Output 54.6V 1.5A)

36V Charger (Output 42V 1.5A )

Battery Fast Charger DC Port 48V/36V

$80.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • Before Charge: 

    • Only use chargers that show the Australian Regulatory Compliance Mark Tick (RCM)
    • Always Use correct charger which supplied by us;  Do not use wrong power output (voltage and current) to charge your battery . (For Example: 60v charger can not charging the 48v battery ; 48v charger can not charging the 60v battery);
    • Find a Dry and Cool open air area be your charging space. Make sure there are no inflammable materials around your charging space, At least keep 1.5m away from these inflammable materials.

    When to Charge :

    • Do not charge batteries when sleeping or not at home.
    • Once the device has a full battery, disconnect it from the charger.Do not over charge more than 12 Hours. 
    • Never use and charge devices at the same time in bed. Devices like phones, tablets and vapes can overheat and catch fire when left on blankets, sheets, and clothing.
    • Don't use and charge batteries that are swelling or bulging, leaking, or overheating. Don't use and charge the device if it is cracked, dented, punctured, or crushed.

    For More Infomation about details of Charger and Charging, Please Click following link from  NSW Fire + Rescue" and "NSW Fair Trading"

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