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Battery Recall Notice


Urgent Recall Attention!!!


This is an urgent Recall notice issued by E-bikes World, for All customers who purchased and using the following batteries.

Warning of the potential fire risks involved with the LG 48v 70ah lithium-ion batteries (With Orange Colour Battery Case with has LED screen). Due to the design issues from manufactory.


Recall Products:

LG 48V 70Ah lithium-ion batteries (Orange Color case) Purchased Between 01/09/2023 to 01/12/2023.

(Picture Attached at end of the this Notice)


Recall Instructions and Advises:

Please do not charge and use battery after you see this notice, and bring above battery to our Shop immediately for Safety check and exchange.


Address: Shop 95/460 Jones St, Ultimo.2007 NSW

Contact : (02) 8387 4621 ; 0469 766 252



E-Bikes World

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